Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Today's Story ( a true story with lots of brackets)

A long, long time ago, like 20 years ago, maybe even 15, back before people could go to the mall for sushi on a Tuesday or any other day they wanted, sushi was a special thing. We, being my Japanese family, only ever had sushi on occasions, seriously, we didn't eat it every day. I can't say I know any Japanese person that eats sushi every day. Maybe in Japan? I doubt it. Anyway, we had it on occasions like wedding showers and funerals. Not Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, but maybe New Year's, but not every year. (Which is why when Shaun came home from work and saw the sushi, he asked what the occasion was.)
It wasn't because we didn't want to eat it more often, we couldn't find the ingredients locally. The nori(seaweed) we used came straight from Japan, grandpa has a source for seaweed and underwear. And we didn't have a California Roll. Nope, it was the Maki Roll or no roll. If you didn't like the shiitake mushroom, tamago (egg), green veggie, pink dried fish or kampyo(dried gourd) then you pushed it out with your finger and ate the rice and nori.
But now, because of an Asian guy(they all look alike) named Don and his oriental market, probably the largest outside of the lower mainland, we can buy everything we ever needed for sushi making and stuff we didn't know we needed. (Hence the Korean pancake mix I bought.)
Which is what I did today. Not only did I go to Michaels, Walmart, Office Depot, the Oriental Market, and the veggie market, but I made Korean veggie pancakes in the waffle maker, and ate them and then decided I needed sushi too. And now I've taken pictures of it and blogged about it, and I've only had one cup of coffee. I'm sure I will be crashing any minute now. So I better go and make the most of my new found burst of energy before I hit the wall.
Pictured below, maki sushi and inari sushi (rice bags, named after the fox for the little 'ears' the bag makes, isn't it foxy!). And you thought I was just another pretty face!


Tara said...

That looks yummy! I'll be over shortly!

Erica said...

mmmm, inari. mmm, sushi. I know what you mean, my husband's mother's family is Japanese and they rarely eat sushi, only when we ALL get together (when the work is worth it).

Shawn said...

Thank you Kelli for yummy maki and cinnamon heart candy popcorn. It was delicious. Can I put in a weekly order?

RAE said...

Not a sushi eater here but that other thing, the Korean veggie pancake...not that intrigues me.

RAE said...

OK, apparently I have not had enough coffee and my brain or fingers are still sleeping...I meant to say...NOW that intrigues me (maybe just ignore my posts today LOL)