Monday, December 01, 2008

That's what she said!

We watch The Office. I used to hate, and I mean hate it. I couldn't understand how Michael could be so stupid. But Kerry and Shaun loved to watch it. I couldn't even be in the room when it was on. But then it must have been summer and re-run time because I have become an Office addict. Neither Kerry nor I are good at remembering the hilarious dialogue long enough to quote the show, Kerry's co-workers put him to shame every week.
The only 2 lines any of our family can remember...

Kelly: Dwight, get out of my nook!
Pam: That's what she said! That's what she said! That's what she said!

And that's it. And so this is what we can be heard saying on a regular basis, usually for no apparent reason. That's what she said!

That and MOLASSES! Bwaaahhaaaahaaha! Hey! What's that smell? It's molasses! Hey! What's in that carton by the sink? It's molasses. Hey! Why can't I open my mouth to tell mole jokes any more? What's this sticky stuff? It's molasses.
Emily won't say molasses, she says molebums. I asked what she would call cookies made with molasses, like would she say molebum cookies? No, she's say GINGERBREAD! She's just so smart.

And I'm not the only one to think that...see that, it says WORK ETHIC, which means she must actually do work at school and not complain about it like she does at home...I think I can use this against her at a later date.
Oh, and see that, it says Honour Roll, just typing it makes my eyes tear up.
She gets that from me, and from Kerry. For me, it was like this until about grade 10 or 11 when I decided not to use my brain for good. (or at all for that matter!)
And not to take all the good credit, I will admit that Emily gets her love of sports and all things that make a person sweat from me. There is no love for those things for us. Which explains the c+ in P.E. pictured below.But hey, we can't all be smart, good looking, artistic, hilarious, and athletic.

And because we, as parents, are not above that thing called bribery, we will be making a trip to Toy R' Us tonight. We must honour our "If you pull up your socks in P.E. and run your little ass off when it counts, and you bring up your P.E. grade, we will pay for half of that Nintendo DS Lite that you have been saving all your pennies for" promise. She only needed about $10 to buy it on her own, but now she's so excited to have us pay for 1/2 because it means she will have money left over. She's also trying to get us to take her to Burger King because they have "the Nintendo toys I have always wanted". Hey, we're not that stupid.


Tara said...

Congrats Em! That's fantastic... Keep up the good work!

RAE said...

Tell her congrats from me...what a smarty she must be!