Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Must find a way to get my sausage.


That's last year's sausage conversation post. Last year, when we were loved and our order mattered.
Kerry just emailed to say he had some sad news. The Kelowna branch was 'forgotten about' when it came time to place the Steineke Sausage orders. How could they forget?
Hello! I'm pretty sure some sausage maker's kid got a nice Christmas present purchased with the income from our sausage order last year. Yes, I'm bitter. We are talking about the best, hardly any greasy fat, most delicious sausage and pepperoni ever! So good that you probably didn't get any from us because we tend to hoard it. Not long enough to last all year, but we've been ordering more and more and have made it to January I believe. December to January is good. December to December would be a miracle.

The sausage gods must be smiling on us. Kerry just called and said we had 5 min. to decide what we want and to get back to the sausage people. Yippee! Miracles do happen at Christmas!


RAE said...

Sorry you didn't get your sausage this yr. I have to say...I am getting jealous...first you get the good organic place near you and now you say you get the best sausage and pepperoni. Why don't we have this stuff here????

RAE said...

You lucky girl!