Monday, December 01, 2008

December 1st!

25 days! 25 days! Even less if the festivities start on Christmas Eve. If you break it down into paydays, it makes me want to puke.

I will admit, I have fallen hopelessly behind in my DYL class. Like weeks and weeks behind. But I don't have classes scheduled for December so I plan to get caught up before this on-line class ends.

I love the idea of a Daily December album, but am worried that that too will get forgotten about in the hustle of preparing for the big day. I guess I have a few hours to think about whether or not I'm committing to the idea of documenting our month of December. Is anyone else going to do a Daily December-like album?


Tara said...

DAILY album... are you crazy? Um, that would be a big fat NO from the girl who is barely on week 2 of DYL!!!!! lol Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great IDEA... but I also know myself. And I know that it would be one more grandiose idea that just sits in my room waiting to be completed!

Brenna said...

I too know that I would never be able to do every day but I'm going to attempt a Dec book. It won't be daily but of special days/events throughout the month. My first photo for today is up on my blog. Ho Ho Ho!

RAE said...

I want to try for a December book (not every day tho). My first day will be lying on the floor with an ice pack on my back LOL Gee...what was I thinking??? I didn't get D to take a shot of me for the album LOL

Marina G said...

Hey yes! I'm only on week 3 of DYL (and it looks like I'm in good company with you and Tara) but I'm already on to the next project, a Daily December album.

In fact it might be the only way I do anything right now - because it kind of has a deadline :) so I feel I have to do it (unlike my DYL where I can't even keep up with printing the materials).

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