Friday, December 19, 2008

Okay, so I didn have lots to say but I didn't get around to blogging a second time.

But I have a good excuse, or a few of them. I made nuts and bolts, I watched Mamma Mia, I also made Nanaimo Bars, I had hives. No biggie. I fell asleep.
But then tonight, I have them again, worse than ever. I put a call into my pharmacist friend and she said it's quite possible that taking my antibiotics at every meal, like the other pharmacist said to, versus every 8 hours like I'm supposed to isn't a good thing. She said it's considered a reaction, probably an allergic one, and that I need to stop the meds. So I'm itching and wrapping presents and watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and wanting to slow bbq everything like they are on the show and I start making 'throat clearing' noise and Kerry starts freaking me out and asking if my throat is closing on me. It's not. It was just a bit scritchy feeling. But now I'm all freaked out.
I also bit my tongue a few times a few days ago, really bad and thought my tongue felt too big for my mouth, my pharmacist friend mentioned something about tongue swelling as a reaction too. Hmmm...I wonder?
And we got our wonderful sausage delivery today! And I've been spelling it wrong for years...It's Stawnichy! Off to have some pepperoni!


megat said...

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Info Goddess said...

I'm hungry (and slightly itchy)...