Wednesday, December 10, 2008

super cute

I have wanted to try my hand at felt food since I saw some at the Anime Convention in August. I made my own patterns using my Big Shot and dies. Meet my doughnut and my cupcake! They are brown, not black. Emily is going to love them!
I have had what I call the 'icepick in the eye' headache since early yesterday evening and I think I have figured out why. All this sewing is using parts of my brain I didn't know I had and the pain is just the blood flowing through those parts.
Now if only I would quit this creative procrastinating and get my Christmas cards started.


RAE said...

Is there no stopping you? I think you are stealing my mojo b/c you got lots and I got none right now LOL Give it back!

Heather said...

You are gonna get hooked!!! Be careful!
They are "SWEET"!