Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday! The final countdown!

3 sleeps to the big day! The day that everything a mother ever does in the preceding year leads up to. That's worded funny, but you get the idea. The baking, the late night wrapping, the secrets, the shopping, the stress, the list making, the cleaning, picture taking, planning, primping, etc. will all make sense in 3 sleeps.

And then it will be over by about 9 am at our house. We will be satiated with gifts, chocolate and food. We will watch tv, nap, play with out new toys and get lots of rest because everybody knows that the rat race starts on Boxing Day. It's the beginning of getting ready for next Christmas.

I have to go to work at Fabricland this morning, but I'm not a super comfortable snow/ice driver and would rather not go. The world won't end if I don't go, but I know that I will get teased if I don't go. I also have to work at WW tomorrow, Dec. 23. Do you think anyone is going to show up 2 days before Christmas? I don't think so. And that means that I also have to work Dec. 30, again, I think people will have better things to do on that Tuesday, oh, well, I still have to go.

Kerry's co-workers gave their boss the gift certificate for the strip club. The co-workers thought it was the best, but I don't think the boss and his wife thought the same thing. We waited a decent amount of time before presenting the real gift, but I think the damage was done. The gc looked and felt too real, they seriously thought it was a $120 to use at the strip club, the cheetah patterned paper 'felt furry', the lipstick kiss on the back fooled them too. You could see the shock on their faces, they didn't know what to say, they sure didn't thank anyone. And even after he got the real present, I think he was still in shock. I think that maybe the boss was worried about what his wife might think he is saying to the guys at work to warrant a strip club gift certificate.

I think the dogs are past the point of enjoying the snow and would like the grass back.


RAE said...

Maybe when the shock wears off, the boss will be able to laugh about the gift...I thought it was a very funny gag gift! I love the dog shots...they really do look tired of the snow. Sandy will go and play if I go with her but otherwise she stands at the top of the stairs looking down and sighs.

Veronica said...

I agree....maybe you were just too good on the computer and the gift certificate looked too real to be considered a gag gift!!! Some people just don't get jokes!!
Have fun at your house at Christmas!