Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Spring, here today, gone tomorrow.

Check this out, not for the faint of heart.
confessions of a pioneer woman

What's that about?
When we go for a walk/hike/stroll, I'm always bringing up the rear. Always. So this makes for lots of Kerry's backside pictures. He knows this. On Sunday, as soon as we hit the trail, he says "Do you want some butt shots?" and starts posing, and I don't have any proof because, really, who wants to see him shaking his booty. Now if he was dresses in chaps, as Ree's Marlboro Man, I could make some money!

It snowed yesterday, snowed and snowed. But today, you wouldn't know it. For all that snowing, none of it stayed on the ground. Maybe the ground knows it's supposed to be spring but the sky doesn't...hmmm...there's a thought.

Kerry and I have decided to incorporated the 'evil stairs' into our daily dog walk. This is a two fold thing, tires the dogs, gets us moving muscles we forgot we had.
I used to do the stairs every day, every single day, 5 times. That's up 500 stairs, down 500 stairs. I hated every single minute of it, especially the up part. But I loved the aftermath, the 'exercise high', the tighter everything except my clothing. And then my walking partner got bit by a rabid dog or something like that and turned into a person I don't associate with. I think it was around this time that I got chicken pox, which, take it from me, if you haven't had them and you're a grown up, get immunized now. If you have kids that are over 8, get them immunized too. If you have kid younger than that, rub them on the next kid with chicken pox. I have never ever been that uncomfortable or sick in my life. It took a good 6months to get back to normal. Anyway...I stopped moving around that time.
Kerry and I did the stairs once last night. I did them 1 1/5 this morning. You can't just go whole hog and do them 5 times the first time, you will die. My plan is to work my way back up to 5 times gradually. For all that huffing and puffing, I only earned 1 freakin' point!!! 1 point! I broke a sweat for 1 point.

I may not have mentioned this, I love my ipod but I dislike all 3 of the transmitters we have had for the van, one died, one just doesn't work(the expensive one) and the other stopped working last month for no apparent reason. We just started researching stereos with the built in ability to play my ipod. The other day, I was shaking the transmitter(because everyone knows that if you shake something that is broken, it may get fixed) and it didn't miraculously work. After discussing at great length why it won't work, I was convinced it needed batteries but a wiser person(kerry) explained how it works and I now realize there aren't any batteries in it. But back to the shaking...I noticed in my crossed-eyed shaking frenzy that there are some words on a couple buttons...specifically PRESS ON. So I pressed the two buttons together and be darned if a miracle didn't happen...I heard angels singing, okay, it was Amy Winehouse and she's no angel but you get the drift. The broken transmitter was just turned off, for about a month. Who knew? Oh, happy day, I can sing while I drive again, much to the Emily's dismay. I just realized that this may be the reason Linus doesn't like car rides.

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Tara said...

Um, if you REALLY need to ask what that's about, you REALLY have been married far, far too long!