Friday, February 15, 2008

e18! How I dislike you!!!

So one day, Us and Tara take the dogs to the dog park and the camera comes too. Of course. And it's snowing. I'm taking pictures of everything and then I get an error message on my camera, an e18 to be exact. I think, maybe it's the snowflakes, the moisture, the cold. But no, it can't be because ever since then I have extended my lens just fine, but bringing it back in results in an e18 and I'm not in the cold, it's not snowing.
I read up on it. Blow compressed air around the lens, it might be dust, did it, it wasn't. Banging it on its side didn't help. And as of 2 days ago, I can't even extend the lens without getting the message, can't touch the button without getting it. Which results in Shaken Camera Syndrome and much banging of the hand on the side of the camera and loads of foot stomping.
But the good thing, at least it's what is keeping me going...I purchased Extended Warranty for my camera. I highly recommend it. I have had to send it in once already because the lens wouldn't move. Good thing for our anal receipt keeping and extended warranty purchasing. I'll let you know for sure if it's a good thing when I take it in. I know I will be without a camera for a long time, but I'm sure it will be worth it. Thinking positive here.
This brings me to something else, because everything happens for a reason. I am developing camera envy. A few months back, you would be hard pressed to get me to switch cameras, I love my chunky S2 1S. I didn't think I was ready for an SLR but now with the possible demise of my 'baby' it's a thought I'm entertaining. And with Kerry's bonus...He did say I could get the Quickutz Silhouette but I'm going to wait and see what the camera verdict is before I purchase one just incase I need to go camera shopping.
I'm going to do a bit of research just in case...
What type of camera do you have? (I'm a Canon girl)
Do you love it?
If it's an SLR, what are your fav. lenses?
Do you find it bulky?

Help me please.

Not having a camera around may force me to use older this one of my first dog, a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle (cockapoo) named Old Yeller. I was 5 when I got him, can you guess what movie I had just seen?
Or this one of my Grandma (the only Japanese one) and a group of ladies doing who knows what in costumes. I sure wish I had found this picture when she could have told me what they were all dressed up for. Check out the size of Grandma's hat, how is she holding her head up with the weight of that thing on it?


RAE said...

Good luck with your camera. Unfortunately, I do not possess your keen organizing skills and can never finds receipts or manuals for stuff. I have a Canon Rebel xti and love it. Someday I will upgrade to a 40d (not bra size btw)but for now I'm lovin this one.

Tara said...

I also have a Canon dRebel XTi and, although still new to me, I do love it. It is somewhat like an extra piece of luggage, though, so just be warned that there's no tucking it into your vest!

Kimberly said...

Oooo...I hope it all goes well. That has to be frustrating!
Loves and prayers for you!