Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I wanted reassurance that Linus's behaviour would stop, maybe he'd grow out of it and now I know enough people to start a Surviving Goldens club! Memebership is free, but you must have or have had a Golden Retriever, and survived it.
'Everyone' tells Kerry that 2 years is the magic number and that all will be good after that. I say 'b@llsh!t, don't hold your breath'.
We have/had good intentions to take him out today but are into our 3rd day with flu kid. Trying to get Pedialyte into this kid and she acts like it's torture.
I mudded, sanded and primed the walls and we are ready to paint. Kerry took 3 days off incase I needed to go to Seattle, and in the end, I didn't, yet or so I have been told. I'm happy that Tara B. doesn't have to go, yet.
And so we are working on the walls, tearing up the carpet and removing doors. And in between all that we are picking up the 'new' truck from Yolanda and Duncan, and then insuring it. Linus and Sally will love sitting up in front with a full window view.
I'm waiting to take my camera in to the shop, I want to take some pictures in the next few days and will be totally lost without it. Which means that maybe I should buy a bigger camera so that I am not 'missing' any picture worthy moments. Decisions, decisions.


RAE said...

Sandy is 7 and I'm still waiting for her "calm down" i.e. stop pulling on her leash, to stop trying to landscape our backyard to her liking which means no grass left, just huge potholes that you can stick your whole head in, stop trying to tackle and lick to death everyone that comes to our door and to stop being a diva, demanding all the attention which means beating up on our little guy Euker sometimes to prevent him from getting food or attention first. If I ask her where her "kong" is (we put a tbsp of peanut butter in it at dinnertime) she looks at Euker, growls and snaps at him b/c she automatically blames him. She can be a stinker for sure but then she snuggles up to me, looks at me lovingly and gives me doggie kisses and all her "quirks" are forgiven. I definitely belong to your club!!!

Kimberly said...

LOL...count me in for this club! xoxo
Love ya,