Thursday, February 28, 2008

Loving It

There are many things I love, and when I find something I love, I promote it. Like Diet Coke, Kal Tire on Hwy. 97, potatoes, and Kerry to name a few. And Karen Russell for posting all her camera and lens tips, I printed a bunch out and took them with me to the camera store, they were a huge help.

I love love love love love my new SLR camera and the 50mm f1.8 lens. I haven't even unpacked the other lens. So as boring as it might be to you, here some very exciting pictures for me. Right out of the box, no instructions read, very much like a male would do. Not photoshopped.

The first picture is in my scraproom, and the first thing I saw was my AMM tote. Pretty self explanatory.
The next two are of the dogs. Not the best, but for low light, better than I would have gotten 2 days ago.

My snack, a good, healthy one...those chips were yogurt and not sour cream.

My Ipod (this also is proof of my spoiledness, but I didn't ask for this, it was a gift).
And Shaun, who will sit still long enough for me to snap a picture, even though it doesn't matter, my new baby is super fast!!!

And more of the dogs...they are such good dogs for putting up with me and the camera. They just might be the most photographed dogs in town.

So that's it for the first day. I was afraid of all the buttons, of how fragile the lenses are, and how heavy the camera is, but I have to say, I love it. I know I have to try the other lens, but I am so loving the clear subject/blurry background photos.
We're taking the dogs out for a walk, I want to take the camera, but at the same time, I'm afraid to. I need protection, like a clear, plastic box for my upper body.


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Kimberly said...

LOVE all your photographs...and LOVE the ide of those yogurt chips too..sounds very intersting! xoxo
Love ya,

Tara said...

Some great shots... I think H. might rival L. & S. for 'MPD', as I have over 7,500 pics (at last archive in December!) of him...