Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Question(s) of the Day

Why is it that a 13 month old Golden Retriever can sit for ever and a day waiting for popcorn to pop but can't sit for 5 minutes at obedience training?
Why is it that the same dog can almost heel perfectly at the same training class but avoids walking beside us at home?
Why does this same dog sit on command at home but act like I'm speaking Cat at class?
Why does every article I google say that Goldens are people pleasers when it's very obvious this dog isn't out to please us, just himself? As in "Let's dig to China because it's fun, who cares if mom/dad is yelling at me, they must be cheering me on", or "I thought I heard someone call my name, no, I'll just keep chewing rocks and those voices will go away" or "You have a treat? Give it to me. What? You want me to sit first? No, give it to me first, then I'll think about sitting".
Why won't this dog eat zuchini but thinks drywall is the next best thing to liver? I'm pretty sure I could roll myself in liver and he wouldn't look at me, but get some drywall dust on my pants and I'm a treat.
Why is this so important? I want to have at least one dog that can walk to Starbucks, sit on the patio, and have a coffee without growling, pulling, or crying. IF I get to do all those things, great, if Linus gets to, I'm okay with that too.


Kimberly said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!! Being a golden owner myself...I would have to say yeah! finally someone else that knows what it's like. Ruby is seriously the best dog I've ever owned...she is AWESOME with the kids and just a kind hearted dog...but you are so dead on with what they do too...cracks me up! xoxo
Love ya,

RAE said...

I hear ya LOL...you could have been describing Sandy! The only way to hold Sandy's attention for long periods of time is to involve food. And, don't get me started on the digging! I had to fence off the yard b/c she just won't stop digging it up. It looks like a construction crew dug up my yard :) We need to resod the whole thing.