Thursday, February 21, 2008


After picking dog hair out of the key board, I did a little perusing of my favourite blogs and was not let down...
I have to admit, we don't watch Idol unless absolutely nothing else is on. And I found this on someone else's blog...I love Queen, but I can't say Bohemian Rhapsody from them ever gave me goosebumps like this did.

And if that doesn't work for about this...real or not, it's funny...And if you doubt it's real, check this... (for some reason my links won't work)
Emily and I have a ritual, we check every other day. It's so stupidly funny, it can make even the grumpiest cat hater laugh.
Humorous Pictures

Off to find curtains and to practice hand farting.


Goddess said...

Ha! I think I'd rather have heard more of the first guy and less of the other one but still... you can never have too much Queen!

Kimberly said...

Hehehe...LOVE your fun posts that make me giggle! xoxo
Love ya,