Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Repeat Post?

I posted a similar blog post back in December...when I got a certain most beautiful necklace.

I'm spoiled, I know it, Kerry knows it, and so do you.

This is a long story, about guilt, love and more love.

I contemplated a camera, for about 3.2 seconds. Actually it was longer...
We had to take Shaun's car in for a muffler and had a bit of time to waste. If you are ever wondering how much a person can spend at London Drugs in less than an hour without moving their feet, call me, I can tell you an approximate amount.
I said let's go look at LD and take the Andre's flyer(they had a better price, but bad customer service). Maybe they match prices...Ha Ha Ha, it will waste some time. Well...time was wasted, money exchanged hands, knowledge was gained and dreams were made reality...that's so corny.

I had my Karen Russell Camera Tips and we had a very nice LD associate, by the name of Robin H. (used to work at the old scrapbook store by Wendys). I fully intended to just look, really, just looking. But then there was this voice from another section of the store saying "just get it all, just do it". And really, it wasn't in my head, or my sub-conscience, it was Kerry in the dvd section. You see, Kerry just bought a truck and a new windshield for the truck and I guess he's feeling 1)guilty or 2)rich or 3)endorphins from getting his 'dream mountain biking truck'. What ever it was netted me a huge new camera stash, huge! My 'dream camera'.

I am now the very sheepish owner of a Canon Rebel XTI, Canon 50mm F1.8 and Sigma 18-200 OS lenses, and the usual filters, flash cards, and 3 year warranty (a must-have in my books). Originally, I was getting the camera and kit lens and the Sigma lens, but then I really wanted the 50 f1.8 and Robin said the Sigma was a better all around lens. But I really want the blurry background, really! So then Kerry in the dvd section says again "get it all" to which I reply using my slow math skills "that's over $_____!" and he says "just get it". I look around, yes, that's my husband, no aliens hovering around. I know where it's coming from, 'truck guilt'. And Kerry also added in regards to the smaller, cheaper lens, "what's another $130 when your spending $_____?" To which Robin says "it's 10%" I don't think that's the answer he wanted...

So then I'm paying for it all and Robin says the total amount and Kerry says "what? how much?" and Robin says "she told you her estimate and you said, and I quote "just get it all". Kerry was just joking, and we all had a nervous laugh.

When we got home, Kerry said the blood letting had to stop. I think he means the spending. I'll check tomorrow after I go to the scrapbook store.

I must read my Digital Photography for Dummies while my battery is charging.

Again, I'm a spoiled girl! A lucky, spoiled rotten girl!


Tara said...

Yes! You are completely spoiled... I'm glad you know it! Seriously, though, I'm happy for you - I'm sure the three of you (& Kerry) will be very happy together!

RAE said...

This will be the start of a beautiful relationship :)

If you need more info than the manual I recommend the Rebel xti Field Guide...explains things much better than the manual. I love my 50 mm too!

Kimberly said...

YAY YOU!!!! You are going to have NON STOP fun! xoxo
Love ya,