Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Negative Post...kind of...

I'll keep it short...point form to be exact...
- went to Disneyland in Oct. Yay!
- noticed large shuttle charge. Boo!
- called Xpress Shuttle, they said no problem. Yay!
- waited. Boo!
- waited some more. Boo!
- no one would take my calls, called MC, said they'd handle it. Yay!
- end of Nov. got monies back. Yay!
- today doing banking. Yay! Or Boo! Depends on $.
- end of Jan. got charged again. Boo!
- What the {insert swear word here}??? Boo!
- Called MC. They said call Xpress, I said NO. Get my money back. Yay for me! Boo for him!
- Cancelled MC! Yay!

Always, always check your statements.
Never, ever use Xpress Shuttle.

I can't believe this company! How come they can keep charging us? This makes me very angry.

And it helps a little bit that Scrapbooks Etc. got my Bird Family Tree in one piece. It is slated to be in the July issue.

I, all by myself, walked Linus today. Usually Kerry and I do it at night, in the dark so the neighbours can't see us torturing him. But I've had good intentions to get out with him for about 10 months and today I finally did and would you believe it was okay. He still pulled but he did heal for about 2 seconds and he looked at me 2 times. I thought if I took my ipod and listened to some Dido, I might be relaxed and maybe, just maybe Linus could tell and he would walk so very well. I think what really happened was that I couldn't hear myself over the music and so I was probably yeling 'Heel' so very loud every 3 seconds and everyone within 2 blocks could probably hear me.

Sorry, my spell check doesn't work.


RAE said...

Ha ha...walking in the dark, I should do that to save myself the embarrassment...try being me and walking my little guy on one side who tries to pee/poop on everything and then my retriever on the other side who tries to pull and run as fast as she can to see everything and has absolutely no idea with "heel" means.

Goddess said...

I'm so glad I have an excuse not to walk Myla right now. She's never heard the word 'heel' before in her life and pulls like crazy.

Kimberly said...

LOVE this negative though...just strong! xoxo