Friday, February 29, 2008

Still smitten

We met Tara and Harley at the dog park. Of course, Sally and Linus hit the mud bog first and then both of them went in the lake without any prompting. I think Sally spent the most time in the freezing cold water. She was the first to run a greet some of the dogs, she's come a long way. Linus take off to greet people, but always came back when we called him. I think he only jumped on Tara 423 times. And Harley and Sally didn't fight.
I wanted to take my camera but then was worried, I could trip, I could fall in the lake, a dog could jump on me, but Kerry said I'll never learn to use if I don't take it out. He's so wise.
This is a dead tree, we were convinced something was in the hole. I think we decided it was a lemur.

Emily looking pretty bright, she was home again sick, but we thought after 4 days of sitting on the couch, she should go for a walk.
Tara took this one, too bad the dogs didn't cooperate.
This one is my favourite.

Of course, none of the pictures have Shaun in them. We do have one that has the 3 of us and Harley, so Shaun said we could Photoshop his head on to Harley's body. I might just do that.
We have a first coat on the living room, and most of the dining room. Kerry is stippling the ceiling in there so I can't finish the painting. We are hoping to pull up carpet today. Did I mention we have 2 layers of carpet, a layer of underlay and lino in some rooms? Really looking forward to that.

Still loving my camera, today I might actually put the other lens on.

Happy Leap Day!!! I can't ever remember 'celebrating' Leap Day. But I see lots of businesses are with sales and such, weird. If you don't get a Leap Day card from me, don't feel slighted.


Kimberly said...

LOL...Love the photoshop idea with Shawn!
Yes...crackin me up that we have a new Holiday in leap year...go figure! hehehe Lovin the sales going on for it though. :))
Have a great day!
Love ya,

RAE said...

Ah hmmm....where's my Happy Leap Day card, eh? Did you know that "sit and look at me" when photographing in dogspeak means turn your butt to the camera and/or immediately start licking private parts". After yrs with my dogs, I've figured this one out. Love that last photo. Glad you're enjoying your new camera!

Missy said...

You will not be able to function without this camera. You will soon get out of your "fear funk" and you will begin to buy clothes based on whether they coordinate with your new camera and bag because they will always be with you. You will need them as much as you need Diet Coke! It is fabulicious!!! Congratulations! By the way, my golden will sit for a picture now (until she hears the shutter click)! I love your blog. Thanks for all of your hard work on it. I can't wait to see what you can do with that camera.