Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What you can do with opposable thumbs.

Because I have opposable thumbs, I was able to start this little heart shaped book a few weeks ago while at Tara's. I finally got around to finishing it today. I don't have access to those super cute Maya Road Heart Binders, but I do have my handy dandy Bind-It-All and the crazy ability to draw hearts. I used SU's Porcelan Prints paper that I didn't love at first but it's grown on me. It's also an upcoming class.
Also, when your husband is looking over your shoulder to watch you use your handy dandy BIA as you close the coils, don't take this as a time to show off your strength. Even though we joke up my 'upper body strength of a kitten', I closed that coil baby will all my might and wrecked it beyond repair. Now Kerry doesn't see why the BIA is so great.
And because he doesn't have opposable thumbs, I had to make the card for Linus to give to Tara. He likes to jump on her and give her love bites. He's really an all around jerk when she's around. So, using the new SU Carousel Notes and Chocolate Chip envelopes they come with, 'we' made this 'card'. I wasn't overly impressed that the Carousel 'cards' are actually just super-sized scalloped circles and not actually folded cards, but I'm over it now, but only because the envelopes are so nice.

Kerry's mudding and sanding up a storm in the dining room. I swear my house is shrinking a little bit more every day, it's spreading to the deck now.
I think we have decided on boring old brown for the living room and a darker shade, like mundane brown for the hallway and dining room. That way we can spice it up with accessories. And it will look nice with our chocolate brown and dog hair couch.
My dad has decided to start drawing, so Emily convinced him that he needs Copic markers. And after a day or two, he is convinced he doesn't have a great assortment of colours, no real red, just a vermillion red, and he would like me to order some on-line for him because they are outrageously expensive in town and maybe he'd like a case like Emily's. My SU business makes me feel like a rubber pusher sometimes and now I'm to buy contraband stuff on-line for my dad. Oh, brother.


Dawn said...

that is a GORGEOUS album and a great layout of the furry wonder too!!!!

thanks for the inspiration!

Kimberly said...

GORGEOUS creations!!! xoxo
Love YOU!

RAE said...

Love them copic markers and I even got a nice case for mine (probably b/c the guy thought if I was stupid enough to spend that much on markers I should at least get a free case LOL).

Love the doggie card!

Tara said...

I super LOVE your little book! I have nothing to put in it, but I might even take that class! Oh, and tell Mr. L. that it was a great combined effort on the card.

Harley's Lady

Anonymous said...

Love the little album Kelli!

Anonymous said...

That comment was mine - clicked before I finished. I may take this class too - will email you.