Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I'm having some issues...trying to decide what to a camera, or wait.
Wait for what? I'm not sure.
Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to take stellar photos. To get the action shots, the bright colours, the shots that make our day.
My Canon S2 IS has been a great camera, and because I'm just a beginner, it's been perfect for me. I do love it. But I'm starting to play with the settings and different modes and am finding there are just some things that won't work. Like low light indoor shots. I hate my flash, I hate the effect it has on eyes, and skin colour. But I love that my camera is not huge, I don't need a camera bag to carry it, although I can't put it in my pocket or in a small purse. And my camera is going on 3 years and is showing some wear and tear.
Kerry's all for it, if it means getting some fantastic shots of him on his mountain bike. Some of the magazines he's gets have been inspiration, check them out the next time you are at Chapters, I think they are Dirt and Decline. I find them very inspirational for scrapbook layouts and the photos are beautiful. One issue had a section on the type of cameras that the contributing photographers use. Most still like to use film, most have a Canon Mark I or II or something like that, I had to google it, it's huge, it's expensive, way too much camera for me. I know I'm not going to get the same shots, but with an SLR, I will get better than what I can do with my IS.
But then I think of the price, the fact I will NEED more than one lense, battery, but not a case, I do have one already. So maybe I should get a camera just because I have the case. And when I think of the snowball effect it will have, I cringe, I think about the so many other things I can spend my money on. And I do believe some one just got diamonds in December.
Oh, woe is me...what to do?
What would you do? What do you suggest? Am I missing anything important?

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