Monday, February 25, 2008

Still Monday...

I forgot to mention that in our 'what's good for the gander, is good for the goose' relationship, I mentioned that because Kerry was most likely getting a truck with his bonus AND new shocks for his mnt. bike that I should be able to get a QK Silhouette AND a camera. Both of which would come no where near the price of the truck, and he said....


And after I got up off the floor, I said and you won't believe this...I said "no, let's wait."

But I did just order the Silhouette, extra blades, a font, and extra mats.

OOOHHHHH I'm so excited. I better make some room on my desk.

Edited to Add...I started painting, I couldn't wait. I started small, just a bit of cutting in on the walls that won't need primer. I think the colour is gross. I'm sure it will be better once the old colour is completely covered but right now, it's baby poop brown and tan.
And...I got an email today from Scrapbooks Etc. and will be paid U.S. funds for my Bird Family Tree Frame, instead of getting a goodie bag. Which is nice, I can then buy my own goodies. So the estimated date is July 08. I will have a book sigining the first week of July. bwahahahaha


RAE said...

ROTFLMAO...I totally get this b/c thats what I did LOL! Hubby bought his (used) truck in November and I bought 5 new lenses. Now we're broke again so no more lenses for awhile (sigh).

Kimberly said...

OMGoodness...totally LMAO again! are good times! Bwahahaha! YAY you on your goods too! xoxo