Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday Blah.

Emily brought Monday in with a vengeance. She wasn't feeling great yesterday, but we wrote it off as not enough sleep and not great choices in snacks while at the grandparents. But last night we were awakened by that terrible sound of a child getting sick at 3 a.m. This might explain my unsettled stomach all of Sunday, which I attributed to our Belated Valentine's dinner. We went to Da Tandoor and had a wonderful dinner. The butter chicken is to die for. The service was great and we got free parking. We came home, walked the dogs and rented 3:10 To Yuma. And I don't like Russel Crowe, or Westerns but this was a very good movie. We had heard it was good, but Russel Crowe was keeping me away. Kerry really wanted to see it, but of course he fell asleep a few times, 2 beers will do that to him. I thought I would doze off but I was really into the movie and made it to the end.

So I'm taking the day off work. I have yet to call my 'boss' and tell him. We're just laying around today, taking it easy. I sure hope tomorrow is better, Linus has dog obedience and we missed last week. For some reason, that darn dog just won't heel.

Made a few things while P. was here. Labeled my punch organizer, made a little book of punches for my purse, so I know exactly which ones I have. I thought that was pretty smart of me. It's ugly.

I am itching to start painting and just might. There is one wall by the bathroom that I could start on. It doesn't have any drywall mud on it. But I probably should wait. I'm not so patient.

Kerry said something sweet but very funny on Saturday. After our dinner, we were discussing 'soul mates'. I'm not a believer. Neither is he. I was saying something about how we weren't necessarily destined to be together, but we are and we try our darnedest to make it work and I was thinking of Forest Gump's "we go together like peas and carrots" when Kerry said "Yeah, we just click, like seatbelts." I have to scrapbook that.

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Kimberly said...

Awww...I hope she is feeling better...and you are able to enjoy a little more relaxing time too! (((hugs)))
Love ya,