Saturday, February 23, 2008

Puppy Love

My aunt and uncle have an orchard and 2 outside dogs that are getting older. They want more dogs and finally decided to get this little chunky girl. This is Taya, she's another Golden Retriever and is full of spunk. She was an only puppy and they think that is why she is so chubby. She's 6 weeks old.We took Linus up to meet her and at first he didn't seem to care too much for her but then they both wanted to play and he was so gentle with her. He's kind of a big jerk to everyone else, he jumps on my cousins and tries to bite them, but he wouldn't bite the puppy. And he easily could have, she was trying to pull his whiskers, bite his mocktail, and his ears, but he just let her.
They both got a good work out, running around after each other and were smart enough to play in the mud first and then roll in the snow to get cleaned off.

It's too bad Mr. L is fixed, they could have had some cute pups!

This is Linus at 8 weeks, he's so skinny.

I did a bit of drywalling with Kerry this morning, it's really coming along. We've got the paint, a light brown for the dining room, a bordering blue for the living room. We decided that brown curtains, brown hardwood, brown furniture and brown walls would be too much. Although, Kerry was thinking it would be like living in chocolate, we decided to go with colour. We have the paint, can't change our minds now.
Kerry's stoked, we have a lead on a truck, Yolanda's, and it would be perfect for his mountain biking. So I got to see Baby Scarlett and her sisters again today.
Kerry and I are going for a belated Valentine's-got-the-bonus-and-got-published dinner.


RAE said...

Love the roly poly puppy...great photos of them in the snow! Good luck with the truck...hope it works out and you get it. Hubby bought a used truck recently and I guess its a guy thing but he is happier than a pig in sh*t.

Kimberly said...

DARLING photographs! I will be hoping you get the truck too! xoox