Friday, February 22, 2008

A Day Off

Emily had a day off from school today. The plan was to sleep in longer than normal, but my dad had other ideas and we (me & the dogs) were rudely awakened at 7:30. Emily got more sleep but then gave me the riot act for not waking her up to watch 6teen. We watch it every weekday morning and Sunday night together.
We're doing a little baking, she's got a recipe for Melon Bread, it's a Japanese thing. No melons involved, it just looks like a melon when it's done baking.
Earlier today, we made little trip to the Robinson household to see Yolanda, and the girls. I could eat them all, they are soooo cute!!!
I decorated this bag this morning to take baby Scarlett's little slippers in.

And when you get your new CK magazine, check out Ali's layouts, she's used some Fontwerks rub-ons that my little friend Yolanda designed. How great is that?!! Too bad I won't get my actual subscription copy from CK for another few weeks, but that's another story.

I've had such a busy day doing not much and I might need nap. The sun is shining too bright and it's making my eyes more squintier than normal. I guess I do have about 20 minutes left before the Melon Bread is done it's 1st fermentation. Did I mention that the recipe is translated from either poul Engrish or terribre Japanese? That was bad, I'm offended.

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Kimberly said...

That is so cool about the rub on's by Yolanda! Good times! I will be looking for them! :)))
LOVE your bag too!