Sunday, September 07, 2008

Clogged Arteries 101 or How To Get Your Kids To Eat Veggies.

Emily is not a veggie eater, she'll eat lettuce and raw carrots, maybe pickles.
But today I found the Golden Ticket!
We have a plethora, an over abundant amount of veggies. My mom's been bringing us beans, cukes, apples, Terrell brought peaches and nectarines, Jaynee gave us beets and carrots and then we got our Urban Harvest box and now have more beets, sweet potatoes, fruit, and more veggies.
So, in my infinite wisdom and hunger, I decided to deep fry things today.
First off, sweet potatoes and beets sliced super thin with my magic slicer. Deep fried until crispy... Lightly salted and handed over to children without telling them what they were eating. They ate the 'chips' and asked for bowls more, said they were delicious.
Second into the hot oil, eggplant dipped in tempura and panko crumbs, over kill I know but how else am I supposed to get Kerry and Shaun to try them.
Thirdly... zucchini, mushrooms, beans, bananas, all battered with a nice tempura and ...
this will kill you...
seriously, it will kill you...
WW fudgy chocolate bars in tempura...I think the deep frying increases the 2 point value.
Sweet potato and beet chips.Whole empty bottle of oil, it was full.

Layout and tin made before my arteries were clogged. Before my hands, eyes, and face were covered with a fine, thin layer of oil.


Kimberly said...

LOL! LOVE deep fried food! LOVE all the fun ideas you just gave me too! AWESOME tin! You RAWK! xoxo
Love ya,

RAE said...

Ohhh....that sounds so yummy! I love sweet potato fries and deep fried I bet would be even yummier! Love your sure have been busy scrapping lately...can you send me some inspiration please???? I'm such a procrastinator this past mth.