Thursday, September 25, 2008

two days before I meet Donna Downey!

On the way to school Emily asked if we were for sure going to the Anime Convention next year. I said I think we are, I would like to take them again. She said 'Good, now I can stop saying "if we go" and say "when we go to the Anime Convention"'. The things kids think about...

I have sent some of my stuff off with Marg, like diet Coke, and my AMM tote filled with scissors, adhesive and other important crop tools, so I haven't been able to do much in the creative field. And speaking of scissors, I picked up a pair of pinking shears yesterday. I'm left handed, the scissor people don't make them lefties. I was once told that once in a blue moon they flip the machining tools around and make left handed pinking shears. I was waiting to see when and where these would be sold. I now believe That Someone thought that lefties were gullible.

My head cold is hanging on. My tooth is aching, could be sinus related but I think and have always thought that there is still some root in this tooth. It's been over 2 years since I got a root canal because I had to have a filling replaced and then the tooth broke and I had to get a crown, the whole time I've complained about pain. The dentist says it's my sinuses, it's a ligament in my jaw, it's not the tooth. I have had nothing but problems with it, he's reshaped the tooth so my bite is different too. Needless to say, when he told Kerry he needed to fix 2 older fillings, I told Kerry to go to someone else.

Tonight is TV night. I have to watch Grey's Anatomy and ER so that Tara and I can discuss them on the way to see Donna tomorrow. I also have to tape The Office, and I think there was something else, maybe My Name is Earl. I really wish the networks would spread the good shows out, maybe put one or two on Wednesday instead.

I've been scanning photos for my mom all morning. She has a bunch of old photos she found at my Grandpa's and wants to scrapbook them. Not being an avid scrapper, she was going to just put the photos in her book, but I told her that she needed to keep the originals and I would scan them for her to print of later. She's got photos from the 40's, maybe earlier, of my Great Grandpa, whom I never met.

This is my Grandpa, at 91 on a Harley. (not his)

This is my Great Grandpa, my mom's mom's dad, not sure where he's going, the bus has Japanes writing on the top.

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RAE said...

Great photos! You have such an interesting family! How fun...gramps on a harley LOL...and love the old bus in the 2nd photo.
Have fun at the crop. Can't wait to see what you make in your classes. I packed last night for bccropforkids but will probaby +/- some stuff tonight and tomorrow. I'm going to do cards and get a jump on starting the xmas ones.