Monday, September 29, 2008

Our Big Scrapbookin' Adventure

If you have been tuned in for the last couple week, you know that Marg, Tara and I went to Parksville this weekend to take part in the Scrapbookin' Adventures 2nd Anniversary Extravaganza! We had a great time. We met Donna Downey, C.D. Muckosky, and Kah-Mei Smith.
I actually have to go to work this morning, so I will come back later and give you a play-by-play of our big adventure! (Marg was sweet enough to take our luggage with her so we could walk on the ferry so I can't show you what we did yet.)
Here's a couple of pictures to keep you occupied until I get back.

This has to be the Sweetest Person on the planet! C.D. Muckosky! She's also probably the cutest. See that tattoo on her arm, I made that. Marg, Tara and I each had one and each one had a different person's name on it, mine said 'I think Donna Rocks!'. I inked C.D. and she did the awesome lettering and we all, including Kah-Mei's daughter, had a little photo shoot.

There were many memorable moments but by far the best was this one...can you read that?

That's right, fellow Coquihalla travellers, it says SLOW DOWN NOW FREE!!! That means $20 more to spend at the scrapbook stores!!! Which by the way, we found another great place to put on your list of stops while in the Surrey/Langley/Cloverdale area, Country Lane, check it out. I'd do a link but who knows where you'd end up, Google it, you'll get better results.

I can't wait until Marg brings my luggage back on Tuesday. I can't wait to play and use all my new found knowledge and goodies.

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RAE said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear all about it!