Monday, September 01, 2008

A real post with piles of pictures and lots and lots of words.

This is an upcoming class. $25 gets you all the supplies to make the Stationery Box, 4 cards w/envelopes, 4 tags, 4 note cards w/ envelopes, a small note/address book, pen, and postage stamp holder. I love it!
I caved to peer pressure and bought this stamp set...Tart and Tangy. Is it peer pressure when it's your 12 year old telling you to buy it?
I just love this new patterned paper, Urban Garden and stamp set,Upsy Daisy.

Beautiful Italian Prunes. Not quite ripe. I love this picture. I'm not the only one that noticed the prunes are almost ready... Super smarty pants realized he doesn't need to jump to reach the prunes this year. The branch should have been trimmed and now that it is heavy with fruit(sounds like it's pregnant), Linus can reach it with out exerting himself. Just watch...

Oh, shit, did you just see that? I didn't pick a prune, nope, no prune here.

We, Kerry and I, build real, sturdy stairs. Yes, I really helped make them. See those shiny bolt things, or maybe they are the nuts, whatever they are, I put them there. I tightened them until my kitten powered arms were screaming in pain, which was about two turns of the ratchet thingy. See those Crocs, they're dusty, not because I have been wearing them a lot, but because I haven't. That's going to change. I got a carrot cake. A late birthday cake. I got to pick the inscription, which I think is the wrong word, but anyways...

The dogs got a new toy. Tara and Shawn picked it up for them, don't get all excited, we paid for it. And the dogs love it.

Linus had a growth on his nose. It was pretty big, and gross, kind of scabby. The vet said it might go away, if not, they would cut it off and send it away for tests. Well, he was playing with his ball, and I think the edges of the holes helped it along, because when I kicked him in the nose, the growth fell off. (I didn't really kick him so much as use my foot to direct his nose away from the hole he was digging)
Sally wanted some new head shots done for her modeling portfolio so I took a few shots of her. She's such a good photogenic girl.

It's been a busy week since we've been back. Kerry has been 'retired', which I heard as retarded. And he didn't think that was funny and said that I better be careful because 'this retarded guy was going to rotate my tires'. Which he thought was funny, I didn't. Really, he's just had the last 11 days off. Must be nice!

Tomorrow is the first day of school. Yippee. Back to a routine, although I despise making lunches for that super picky kid of mine.


Rarinstamp said...

I do love that stationary set too Kelly - the colors are awesome. I haven't tried it yet though but I'm thinking I might.
Linus is so cute - the way you captured him "stealing a plum" :) Sally still takes awesome pics too!!

RAE said...

Awesome shots! I love the one of Linus with the prune in his mouth. Sally's head shot is definitely worthy of putting into her doggy portfolio!

Brenna said...

Great shots the prune shots, lol Come look at my blog and tell me if you know what berries I have growning in my yard. :0)

Cheryl said...

You really need to stop kicking your dogs in the head - although I guess it saved you a few bucks worth of vet bills ;) Love your projects!

Kimberly said...

WOW! GORGEOUS creations...GORGEOUS photographs...and LOVE all the sharing!
Love ya,