Friday, September 05, 2008

Yay Friday!

Not that I have any plans this weekend, but I'm glad it's Friday. I want to gather my family around and give them a big hug. I believe both kids will be home tonight and whether they like it or not, hugs are free. Go, give some away.

Not to break my week long obsession with turning the oven on, I made naan this morning. And then I had to make butter chicken to dip the naan in. It's not even 3 pm and dinner is done. I so hope to not do this next week.

I started up our Urban Harvest delivery again. If you have any interest in getting fresh, organic veggies delivered to you door for a decent price, check out Urban Harvest, and if you sign up, tell them I sent you, unless of course someone else sent you. I love getting the fruits and veggies delivered. It's like Christmas every week, because most of the time I can't remember what I ordered so it's a surprise. And it's organic, I'm all for spray, I detest eating food with bugs in it. But I haven't found one bug, or nasty looking veggie in the bunch so we'll stick with our healthy stuff for awhile.

I haven't been taking that many pictures lately. It's dismal outside, at best. No great colour changing foliage yet, no fall flowers and I missed my chance at first day of school. So here's one of Kerry, at Mardi Gras a few weeks back.(sooc)

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Kimberly said...

Still a great shot! We are having similar days here we had sun though and it was BEAUTIFUL!
Love ya,