Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Finally Caved

That's right! Say good bye to cards with not quite straight score marks. I've been converted to the Scor-Pal. Barb and Sue said I needed one a long time ago. Tara got one recently and is loving it too. So I had to get one after making a mess of 3 Stationery Boxes(see yesterday's post for pictures) with my Fiskar's trimmer and scoring blade. I picked one up today and have used it to make more Stationery Boxes. I'm going to make them everyday for the rest of my life! I love how accurate it is and how easy to use it is.

Today was/is the first full day of school for Emily. I still didn't take any pictures. I was a bit sad after dropping her off and watching her walk into the big kid school. She looked so very small but at the same time so grown up to be going off on her own. Waaaah!!! Now it's just me and the dogs again. DRAT! I'm not sure I love being a stay-at-home mom to two mutts!

I'm not going to bore you with a count down of days until I see Donna Downey, but I will tell you that there are 23 days until I see Donna!!! What am I going to wear, let alone take to crop?


Rarinstamp said...

And it's about time too!!!! Seeing that stationary set in person today doesn't do the pictures justice - it is awesome!!!! Was hoping to see the other 3 on your blog today

Info Goddess said...

I just love that photo of your dog in your header - what a hoot! Also I'm concerned about dogs eating prune plums - sounds scary!

Cheryl said...

So where did you get it and how much!!! I need one! I'm so sick of all my crappy leany lines!

Cheryl said...

okay DUH! My eyes were ashtray ;) Scoring! not trimming ;)

RAE said...

I have thought about getting that one now and then. I got a different one last yr and just hate it. Its the one with the metal blade down the middle and the wooden stick that runs along it to score. I don't get very straight scores with it. I know others love it so maybe I'm just really uncoordinated LOL!

Kimberly said...

OK...where can I S C O R E one of these tools? What a great idea! You are the BEST enabler I know!
Love ya,