Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sept. 20!

Today is the day I decided to never again hold the Benvoulin Craft Sale.
After 14 years of organizing what has become one of the better craft sales in town, I'm throwing in the towel. I've been having to hunt down the crafters to get their fees, to get them to even let me know that they were doing the sale, add the other stress of booking things, planning set-up, and everything else that I do for very little pay and the fact that I don't even sell my woodcrafts anymore, and the fact that the only people that seem to really appreciate the sale are the ones that make very little money but do it because they love it and the customers. I feel terrible for those people.
The final straw was a crafter, one who has been in the sale almost every year, who told me she didn't like the fact that her fees might go towards me making a profit, that she shouldn't have to pay as much as others, that she didn't get enough space, and oh, nothing made her happy, so she was thinking it wasn't worth it for her. She had the nerve to say that she only made $200 last year, I had to point out that she had in fact made $1400, almost $1500. And then she was singing a different song, one about how she hardly had anything and she made that much? Wow, maybe should would do it, but she wasn't happy with all that other stuff. And she said it wasn't right that for all my time I don't make that much, well, lady, you just finished saying I didn't deserve to make any money.

Anyway, enough of that. I will lose money on the hall rental if I cancel so I'm gathering my resources and planning a scrapbooking related day at the Benvoulin Church, Nov.9th. But I'll tell you more about that later.

Thank you for your support!!!


RAE said...

Sometimes there is no pleasing people, eh?

Tara said...

Well, I am disappointed to not be able to attend the show this year, as I loved it last year! BUT, I'm super excited to see how the weekend turns out anyhow! Good for you for deciding on the best thing for you (& your stomach!)!

Jenn said...

good for you! tough decision for you I am sure, but just think, you won't get that horrible cold that you get after the sale every year! I wish I could come to your scrapbooking thing - that would be fun!