Sunday, September 14, 2008

Not My Calling

I need a pile of pictures for the classes I'm taking in less than 2 weeks. I had forewarned the kids last week that there would be a mandatory photo shoot in the near future.

Today was the day. With lots of grumbling, lots of 'hurry ups' from both adults and kids, lots of name calling, lots of giggles, eye rolling, snot, and 83 shots later, I have at least 8 decent shots.
These are the kind of shots they would like, action ones, with goofy things going on. And I do like it, it's what they do best, but I wanted serious 'portraits'.
I realized afterwards that one kid, Emily, is quite tanned, has been out in the sun shine, and day light and fresh air and has a healthy glow, while the other kid, Shaun, has not. He's white, porcelin, glowing. Very noticeable in the photos(that are a tad over exposed)

I love the way she's looking at him. I think she was remembering this moment....

when she got to put her arm around his shoulders, this would be almost a hug.

I'm paying better attention to things, like lighting, this last picture would have been great if I had paid attention to the lighting when I actually took the picture.

The first shot, kids and dogs, the dogs were awsome, didn't move, blink, giggle or snot. I had to take about 8 shots to get that one.

All colour phots are sooc, all black and white are doctored with Pioneer Woman's actions.


RAE said...

Some great b/w shots! You sure can tell they are brother and sister...they look so much alike.

lynzei said...

yours is my new fave blog! I love your blog banner photo--cracks me up. And I wish it was me all wild eyed jumping into leaves. Your work is fabulous and your writing has me in stitches. I shared you with my sis.

Veronica said...

That first shot is really great!! What course are you taking?

Kimberly said...

These are AWESOME shots! Really love them all!