Monday, September 15, 2008

I've "Die"d and gone to Heaven

I was holding out, I wasn't going to get the Big Shot. I was going to wait. And I did. I waited until Kerry was asleep, told him I needed one and took the drooling to mean "Go ahead and get it".

So I did. Most of the stuff is back ordered, but I did get the machine, and the large scalloped circle. I bought the Stampin' Up one. It's a decent deal, all black.

And in the minutes I have before my students descend on me, I have cut out a bunch of scalloped circles. I cut them out of the brand spankin' new blackboard chipboard that I got at the brand spankin' new scrapbook store in Kelowna, Ever After. Amanda, formerly of Memories and More, has opened her own shop in the cultural district right next to Prospera Place. She's got lots of new products, unpacking more as I type this! She's very enthusiastic and loves what she does. Check her out.
Anyway, back to my circles. I cut them out using felt, plastic, fabric, velvet framing mat board, acryllic and whatever else I could find. I regretted selling my Accucut a few months ago, for a few minutes, and now I don't. The Big Shot is sturdier, and heavier. Love it.


RAE said...

You have been so inspiring lately...all these great projects!

lynzei said...

You will LOVE the top note die!

I like how you approached Kerry about getting the Big Shot. I'm not that considerate. I didn't consult my hubby.

Veronica said...

I am going to have to check out that new store when I am there to watch hockey!!

Man are you ever getting creative!!! You have so many ideas crammed into that pretty head of yours I am totally jealous!!

Kimberly said...

Totally AMAZING you are! LOVE this creative idea! xoxo