Friday, September 12, 2008


This is what I have to tell myself, my mantra, if you will. The last 3 days have been very trying, and tiring. Linus needs an attitude adjustment. I need a break.

Today, we played 'pick your own switch'. Back in the day, my dad said he that when misbehaving at school, he was told to get a branch from a near-by tree. So he picked the nicest one he could find, only to find out it was to be used as a switch to punish him with. That's what I pretended we were doing today. We, me and Linus, pruned some trees. Hazel nut, plum, forsythia, and lilac. The lilac switches were the best. No, I didn't beat him with it, as much as I wanted to. We played strip the leaves and eat the branch instead. And now he is napping because it was too much work for his big clumsy body. We also picked up poop, deposited more, ate more plums and tried to dig up the grass.

I'm getting tired of the constant barking, biting, and pawing. We had a mishap last night involving 2 12 year olds and Linus, the 12 yr. olds know better and were pretty sheepish afterwards. Linus escaped twice yesterday and this wouldn't be a big problem if the jerk didn't run across the street. He doesn't look both ways and with the school traffic, he could easily get hit.

So today, I have been practicing sit/stay when he is misbehaving. Sally is getting the grinds too. She is one of the problems, she gets so nervous and excited that it gets lazy bones going too.

I'm not a cat person, but lately I'm thinking of becoming one.


RAE said...

Hang in there! Goldens love to please, so keep trying to show him what you want and hopefully it'll sink in. Love the shot of him!

Kelli said...

I guess I better hang more pictures of me being happy with what Linus has done, then he will see them and remember a better time and start behaving!

Kimberly said...

What a cute shot...sounds like you had quite a day...Goldens are the best though! xxoo