Saturday, April 26, 2008


Birthdays are always a drawn out affair at our house. We have the cake and celebration with the family, grandparents and grown-up friends, and then we have the actual day which is usually on an inconvenient day, so we have the birthday party on another day. This happens for most of our family members. We're okay with it. Just means more celebratory food. Tonight, ice cream cake and a log, because DQ didn't have much in the way of cakes, and not enough to feed the group we're expecting. Monday, we will probably have something along the lines of Emily's favourite meal. The college restaurant is closed Mondays so we will have to find her something else or go another night. Wednesday, it's Scandia, mini golf and pizza and of course, more cake. I don't see it as lots of calories, I see lots of photo ops.


RAE said...

Sounds like our family LOL...we have a family party, then another party with friends that family usually goes to also and then usually an outing celebration such as bowling, dinner out or movie, etc. So 2-3 cakes per birthday is not unusual around here. Did I mention that I was on Weight Watchers :) Hmmm.....wonder why!

Kimberly said...

Me toooooo...but you already knew that. Yet another fun thing you and I share in common...BIG birthday month of April! xoxo
Love ya,