Friday, April 25, 2008

So Glad It's Finally Here - Friday

A six word sentence to describe today.

Yesterday was the big day! We got our Urban Harvest bin and I can't believe how fresh and nice the veggies are. Should have taken a picture. I was worried that "organic" might mean blemishes and bugs. I was wrong. These are nicer than the organic things I have walked past in the store. Emily was excited to get somethign delivered to the door, Shaun was pretty impressed too.
Here's my list:
Garlic Greens
Red Leaf Lettuce
All that delivered to my door, every other week with recipes! It's clean, I know 13 other people didn't squeeze my tomotoes and it's better for us. Although I'm all for spray on my own trees, especially the cherries.
And we ate fruit for our snack! Fruit!
I'm happy and sad that sometime during the night before, aliens swapped my daughter for a fruit and veggie eating version. This new Emily came home from school, saw my baked potato and said "I want one too". After I got up off the floor from my dead faint, I made her one and she ate the whole darn thing, with parmasan cheese. She had carrots in her lunch, she ate 2 apples for snack and carrots at dinner. That's more veggies and fruit than she eats in a week. Look out bowels!

Here's what I've been doing, there's more too, but I didn't want anyone to think I have been taking speed or other performance inducing drugs. BWAAHaha.
Kind of dark picture, a reflector or flash would have helped, I'm over it. I do love my egg shots.
I added some MME rub-ons to this one.
My little dad book, little book not little dad. This is for a class. I used BG Cupcake, but only the manly papers.

Check out the pictures! The first one is one I took when I was about 5, nice hair! The second one was last summer, aren't they cute?

Last night was also our big night of tv. Why can't the networks spread it out? Now that we have digital cable, we can watch things a bit earlier. Our crazy line-up, hours of tv watching...I'm not proud of it, but I'm not ashamed either.
The Office(I laughed so hard last night, the football to the head almost made me cry)
My Name is Earl(we didn't actually watch it, got sacrificed for Lost)
Grey's Anatomy
If you do the math, that's over 5 hours of couch potato-ness. Yup, it is. Good thing there's nothing good on tonigh!


RAE said...

You're a scrapping maniac lately...can I send you my supplies and you can do up my projects for me??? I was teaching last night so only got to watch Lost but look forward this wkend to seeing taped GA & ER. Tonight its Ghost Whisperer, Moonlight & Numbers. I am going on record as saying I will make a card tonight while watch tv. Gotta get out of my slump.

Kimberly said...

AMAZING creations! Love them!
Sounds like and AWESOME Urban day for you too! :)))