Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just some things

I'm scrapbooking and cardmaking today.
Photo Freedom looks like it might be liberating. And I got my CK magazine today, that's really early and it made me realize that I haven't gotten a Scrapbook Trends in awhile. OH, well, I can't possibly read all my magazines and books at once. And I almost bought a photography magazine the other day but stopped myself. Yay ME!!!

I had to put Sally's good bed on top of a Rubbermaid tote so that Linus couldn't get at it and continue his destruction on it. Last night, the grown ups and dogs had to sit in the basement to watch tv because boy kid was playing on the Wii. So Linus sat on the couch with us, it's the dog couch. And Sally couldn't fit, so she made lemon-aid out of her lemons. In a not so lady-like manner, she scaled the tote and climbed into her bed where she stayed for hours, even after everyone else went to bed. I think she wanted us to push the tote into the bedroom for her, but we have to draw the line somewhere and after I fluffed her pillows, she got in her nighttime bed.

I realized that after all the stress and hard work of renovating, I never posted any after pictures.
The blue living room.

The new rug with fancy four-legged shedding accessory/destroyer of all things nice.
This is the dining room after we removed the wall, phone counter and china cabinet thing.
These are the before pics of the dining room.

Kerry surveying his handy work.

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RAE said...

I love that carpet! Great colors for the wall too! Hope you had fun scrapping. I cut some paper up but thats about all I did at our 88/08 tonight.