Wednesday, April 09, 2008

No Wisdom

Teeth that is, for Shaun. He had all 4 surgically removed this morning. This is no easy feat for the Boy-who-hates-needles. I'm sure I've discussed this...Shaun has a fear of needles like nothing I have ever seen before. And I know, just about everyone reading this is now saying, me too, I hate getting them. But there's the difference, you have gotten them, he cannot!
He had a bad experience in grade 6 and has not been able to get another needle unless he is totally sedated. Which brings us to other problem, he has metabolizes things like Ativan and other sedatives faster than Kerry can drive. His eyes get all glassy and he gets super sleepy but he can take enough to knock a grown man on his ass and it still doesn't phase him. He can't even make the car ride to the health unit. So it's classified as a phobia, a full blown, anxiety driven, leg shaking, unreasonable acting phobia.
But today, 4 Ativan in less than 12 hours and he's in like Flynn (sounds good), and out like a light. All 4 teeth successfully extracted. They said it should take about an hour. So Kerry, who in a very responsible parental manner, took the morning off and I ran some errands(I'm sure he took the time so that I wouldn't have to deal with phobia kid should he rear his head). We waited for the phone call, and waited, and waited. I fully expected the "come and get your kid he's totally freaked out" call, which is similar to the one we got from emerg. last year when he cut the tip off his finger and 'they' wouldn't believe him when he said no needles. 'They' said that we should talk him into it because none of their staff could. Anyway, we didn't get that call, we got the "come and get your kid, he's done, we gave him extra time to sleep it off" call. Holy kid couldn't keep his eyes open, hold his head up or talk. He was snoring, drooling and quite amusing. I totally wished for a video camera so that I could torture him later. He had to be wheeled out in a chair because he wouldn't stay awake.
I'm playing nursemaid, giving drugs every couple hours, he's getting the alternating Dilaudid and Ibuprophen 600 (horse pills) cocktail, chased down with cold soft foods, nothing warm or hot today. Yummy...yogurt with canned fruit, Boost drinks, jello, pudding, old toothless man food. Tomorrow he can look forward to refried beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, clam chowder, and if he's lucky, I'll share my scream of feet, I mean cream of wheat.
I will take some pictures in a bit, he's still drooling and there's some blood which I have issues with, so I'm not totally gung-ho about documenting that. The swelling is cute, kind of chipmunk-ish. But if you take in the drool, the droopy, glassy eyes, the moaning and the sluggish walk, he kind of looks like a zombie. So help him if he decides to get spunky and jump out of a closet to scare me.

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RAE said...

Poor guy...hope he gets lots of rest today and recovers quickly. I don't mind the needles too much but I really hate any kind of dental work so I'm getting goosebumps reading this. Glad he got through it ok.