Monday, April 07, 2008


Thank you so much for all your well wishes. It must have been something I ate, and not the samosas. I'm so happy about that.

Saw some different things this weekend...
1. a guy had a small dog, like maybe under 10 lbs. in a small car, yet he had removed the front passenger seat for the dog bed.
2. a lady was walking her rabbit on a leash in her front yard. It wasn't pulling or chasing cars, good rabbit.
3. there's a huge bald eagle at the dump, and it's got great eyes, as soon as I pulled my camera out, it disappeared.

4. pets get mobile spa service but do humans?Sally needs grooming now.

5. there's way too much metal at the dump. Can't someone do something with it?


Kimberly said...

What great shots! WOW! Love them all...and all your captions always make me smile! xoxo So glad you are feeling better too!
Love ya,

RAE said...

Interesting mix of photos. I agree with Kimberly, your comments always make me smile or laugh! I'm so glad we're doing this POTD and learning more about each other's lives!