Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 2

I think Shaun's puffier than yesterday, I will sneak a picture so I can compare. I will probably not tell him that my blog readers think he's cute, chubby cheeks and all.

The socks are from Zellers. They had lots of different colour combos.

We spent hundreds of dollars more than our Costco limit last night. Kerry found a compressor with a coupon and like a kid in a toy store, he had to run(walk fast) to get a large cart so that he could buy his compressor. He got to pick up and tote all the 'manly' items, like dog food, pop, bottled water, I got hummus, rice pudding and tank tops for Emily. I tried to put the coffee beans on his cart but he said no, they weren't large enough to ride the cart. Now he can blow out our sprinklers faster, before he used to pass out every time and his cheeks hurt afterwards for days. He also said he could use it to inflate tires, this is good, because just last week I was thinking my life was incomplete because I couldn't inflate my own tires. I am worried, I did tell him to practice, because he is known to blow the parts off the sprinkler system because he has too much pressure and his new toy is much more powerful than the old one from work.

So much for getting my flash anytime soon. I also had to remind him that our rug should be in soon and someone has to pay for it. I think I was just overspent after the oral surgeon's bill, which was a good 3 times more than when I had my wisdom teeth pulled about 14 years ago. Inflation!

And to make things interesting, the microwave has been making a new noise, a loud vibrating and it scares me so I can't microwave. The kids haven't known a time when we couldn't just zap something hot in a few seconds. I barely remember, which is why when I went to eat I thought I would have to eat cold potatoes, zucchinis and mushrooms and was grossed out. Then I remember we have another appliance in the kitchen that is used to heat foods in a slower manner. So like my grandmother before me, I used the oven to heat leftovers! I would take doing this over having to wash laundry by hand any day!
Off to see if it's worth it to fix a microwave that probably cost under $150 3 years ago.

It is with a sad heart that I type this, Mike Rowave III went to a better place. At ll:20 am. Gord pronounced him beyond repair, it was his magnatron. He will be missed but mostly at meal and coffee time. No one will pop popcorn like he did. Mike was predeceased by his Grandfather and Father, Mike SR. and Mike JR. His employers will wait a decent amount of time before finding a replacement. Ya right, I'm off to buy a new mircrowave. Microwaves don't have feelings, or do they?


RAE said...

I don't think Mike will mind being replaced...I'm sure he'd understand.

Kelli said...

His replacement seems faster, can do the same if not more jobs and is hotter!

Kimberly said...

LOL...can't wait to see the picture of Shawn puffier.
I need a Zellers near me!
I think I would do some serious damage if I went shopping with you girl! xoxo
Love ya,