Monday, April 14, 2008

What the?

I, master of the verbal diarhea, have not blogged in days. Days!
I'm sure I had something to say, some insightful, mind altering conversation to share. But I can't remember.
I took an allergy pill, it weirded me out. But I can hardly function if I don't take one. I'm a teary eyed, scratching, snot nosed, sneezing pile of mucus without the pills.
I bought a shirt, but not 2 because my mom said I couldn't buy the same one she did. I bought some tinted Bert's Bees lip balm.
We went for a hike with Tara and Harley on Saturday.
We got our new rug for the living room. We hung the rest of pictures, at least the ones I could find.
I scrapbooked. That might have been on Friday.
We had dinner at my parents on Sunday.
We watched No Country for Old Men. That guy is strange and freaky and obviously traumatized by a bad hair cut.
I watched Desperate Housewives! Yay for new tv shows!
I went to the scrapbook store with Tara and didn't buy a single thing, and then to the other one with Kerry and I bought Sasafraslass Owl stamps, the Olivia ones.(Kimberly's fault!)
Both dogs are at the groomers today. I just got the bad news call, not the one where the groomer says "your dog had a heart attack because of the stress of being washed" which I'm so paranoid about getting, no, it was a different bad news, the one where she says "your dogs have lice". Apparently they can get it from touching other dogs, which Linus does regularily and they don't jump to humans. I'm so grossed out. They are getting the lice dip as I type this.


RAE said...

Yuck about the lice thing...didn't know dogs could get it. Wish I had been out on a hike this wkend....instead of unending hours of priming and painting. Hope you allergies are better today.

Kimberly said...

Hahaha!!! Love it! So glad to enable won't regret having these fun owl stamps too! xoxo
Sorry about the lice too...ewwww...I so hate those! My kids and I all got those nasty's a few years ago and it was so gross!
Love ya,