Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random things

I have lots of little books, you know you like them too, little notebooks laying around not being used. So a couple days ago, E. said something funny...
and I grabbed on of these stratigically placed little books(really, I never clean up and they really are all over the house). And I wrote it down. Then Kerry said something funny and I wrote that down too. Who needs a memory when they can write things down? My mom did give me a voice recorder for Christmas because I'm so forgetful, but I put it somewhere and now can't find it, or did I tell you that already?

Anyhoo...I was vacuuming and Emily was watching Curious George. When I got to the living room, she starts turning the volume up and yells out "I can't hear my show! I'm trying to watch my stories!" Which made me laugh and I had to stop vacuuming. My stories! Ha Ha Ha.

Last night, after walkies, Linus was doing his business in the bushes of our yard. It was really dark and I said "I can't see him, is he pooping?" to which Kerry says "I can see him, he's right there (points) and that's why I could be an astronaut!"
Then he launched a long monologue about how he saw on tv that astronauts aren't just good at seeing things, they can see tones, which is what you need to be able to do in space, and he can do that, and blah blah blah blah blah! Beam me up, Scotty!

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RAE said...

Hmmm...maybe Darrell could be an astronaut too. Not me, I can't remember stuff at all (notes all over the place), cannot see stuff at all (can't find my notes)and my cooordination sucks. Pretty sure they wouldn't want me for an astronaut. Darrell also says he would make a pretty good forensic scientist or investigator b/c of his freakish memory and sight. Maybe Kerry could do that with Darrell???