Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Don't you just hate it when...
I was very excited to get this picture. This is from our deck using my big lens, I can't find the box so I'm guessing at this(also too lazy to go and get it), I think it's 80-200, f4.5, anyway, it's the long one with some zoom. I heard some birds making a ruckus and just happened to have my camera ready. This bird took the 'thing' from the other bird and the other bird left. I snapped a few pictures. I think it's a sparrow hawk, only because I think that's what Kerry called it. I realized later that it is a dead animal in his talons.
What makes this bittersweet is "yay" for me I got a decent shot of a bird. But then when I went out with the dogs, I saw feathers all over the yard and thought "oh, crap, it's not a mouse, it's a bird in my picture" and then to make it even worse, upon looking at the picture I see it's a chickadee, probaby one of the 2 that were feeding in my yard and that I told Yolanda about. Waaaaahhhhaaaaaa...I killed a chickadee! Stupid chickadee hawk.


RAE said...

Poor chickadee! They come to my feeders everyday and every once in awhile a neighborhood cat gets one and we find it out in the yard. I feel awful b/c I know it got caught b/c it was on my porch eating. I hate when that happens.

Tara said...

It's the 18-200... it's still a good pic.