Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I had a good start to the day. Finished work in record time, met MS for a trip to Westbank and the scrapbook store. I hadn't been out there in months. Saw Cheryl, didn't get any hugs from her. Then MS and I went for lunch at De Dutch, I had the Abby Perogy and it's my new fav, not points friendly.
When I got home I decided to play with my Silhouette. I was playing nice, but it wasn't. It's pretty sad when I have to get Emily to help me outline things. But she showed me a little trick that works wonders. Unfortunately, I won't be asked for a good review on the Silhouette, I hate it today. I will post pictures later when I can stand to look at the stuff again. I wasted more paper than I think I should have, I only wanted 8 things cut out and I'm pretty sure that thing wrecked at least $10 in paper. It has a mind of it's own. It's really tricky when setting up the thickness of paper you are using. I can't ever get it right, and when it's set on 100 lb paper, I would think it should be able to cut through SU's cardstock, but I'm wrong. It better smarten up and start earning it's keep or it's moving out.
Getting my hair cut and coloured today, I so need it. It's not good to have more grey than your mom!
Speaking of moms, my Mom Album class went well, long but just about everyone finished, with 2 actually getting all their pictures in too. I'm working on baby and dad albums now.
Postman is here!!! POTP stuff!
And this is what he had for me. Lots and lots of stickers and other goodies. And the new Scrapbooks and Cards Today.

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RAE said...

Sorry to hear that you're fighting with your Silhouette. Hope you win!
Do we get to see a pic of your class project?