Friday, April 04, 2008

Friday's stuff

Nothing new learned yet, it's still early.

Something has been bothering me...I saw on one of those "Sell My House" type shows that a person should get rid of 30% of their stuff before they list their house, we're not moving but it stuck with me. And then I watched that 'Hoarder' episode of Oprah last week and I think I heard someone say that you should get rid of 50% of your stuff.
So do the number, get rid of every third thing, or every other cut down on the clutter...I think it's a good plan. Crazy, but probably works. Can I do it? I'm trying, really trying. I have boxes and boxes of stuff I never use. Linens, cookbooks, movies, clothes. The kids have even got in on the action and have each gotten rid of at least a large box of unwanted things from their rooms. And as hard as it is to see some of those 'beloved' toys in the box, I know that if they are willing to part with them, then I should too.
And in a weird parellel universe mom just brought over my bronzed baby shoes because she's de-cluttering too.


RAE said...

I'm decluttering too. Every wk I get rid of at least one bag of stuff...back of the pantry, old shoes, clothes that don't fit, old magazines, makeup I don't use,etc.

I am a big time hoarder and I'm proud of myself for doing this LOL!

Jo said...

tis the season to declutter. My daughter is really good at the purging thing ... she makes me get rid of stuff i have been holding on to for decades ... its all good & freeing, so declutter & be happy!