Saturday, April 05, 2008

Dog walkin' shoes, I gots them.

I love my Keens that I got before we went to Disneyland. They are the most comfortable shoes I have and I got them on sale. I've been looking for some good dog walking shoes, and with Kerry's almost never-ending giftcard for SportChek, I thought I had found some decent Merrils. I didn't, they have a weird bump in the tongue stitching on the right shoe that seems to be a manufacturing problem. I think this because I'm on my second pair and can't wear them around the house let alone on an epic dog walk (that was a joke).
The other day I noticed that Hollywood Shoes has a sale, and she's got some Keens. So today, while Motocross was on and the whole household(Kerry) had to stop working in the yard, I ran down with Emily to have a look. First off, I got my other Keens in Sept., maybe Aug. on sale, this store still has them at regular price, YIKES! I told her what I was looking for and tried on a pair of these...and might have to go back and get them.But these are the ones I got. I love the Mary Jane look, and the fact they are kind of meshy and will breath, and the fact they have no laces and can slip on and off with ease. The colour...I wanted something cute and to some they may not scream cute, but they do scream. Kerry loves the colour. It's mango. They are so comfy, I knew as soon as I tried them on that they had to be mine. And they were on sale.

When I put them on to model for Kerry, I made such a fuss about how perfect they fit that he said his next pair of shoes are going to be Keens.

Took dogs for a dip in the lake, then came home and did yard work while they dried off outside. I don't want no stinky damp dogs on my new flooring, it has enough problems as it it.
Kerry twisted my arm into getting samosas, naan and pakoras for dinner. We ate early, fresh air does that, and we have already made second dinner plans for around 7pm. for our next samosa. Gotta space them out.

Update: We did more yard work. My hands are killing me because I trimmed 5 Juniper bushes. I could only wear gloves on one hand, so I guess it was a glove on one hand. I couldn't use the trimmer and wear a glove on the same hand, the gloves are too fat, not my hands. Anyway, I was proclaiming it a good day, no allergy pill and then the sneezes started, along with the runny nose and now I have the full blown itchies. I took a pill but it makes me tired, so now I'm Itchy, Dopey, Sneezy, and Sleepy, but not Grumpy.
I am planning, but don't have high hopes, to watch SNL tonight. Christopher Walken used to give me the creeps, but now he's hilarious. Gotta get me some more cowbell.


RAE said...

I'd have to buy both shoes b/c I couldn't decide which I liked better. D & Euker have gone to bed but Sandy & I are watching SNL and eating leftover Pizza Hut Cheese Bread and pizza sauce. Tomorrow I'll be out in our garden starting the spring clean up so hope it doesn't rain (much).

Kimberly said...

Ohhhhhh....this is so NOT good to see these...I'm in LOVE with Keen ANYTHING!!!! You are such an enabler!!!! Argggg...hehehehe...LOVE these finds. Todd always gives me grief for my need for new shoes...kind of have a HUGE shoe fettish here! Hey comfort is WAY important to our feet right? xoxoo
thanks for sharing your fun new finds!
Love ya,