Sunday, April 27, 2008

I could go on and on about how much I love my camera...

but I won't.

But then that might be boring, at least for me.

I charged the battery, packed the camera, tripod, water, kleenex and like sardines in a tin, Kerry, Linus, Sally and I packed ourselves into the truck. Think clown car and you have a pretty good idea how our trip went.

It was worth it. I'm still figuring out the lighting, speed, and such, but I got a few good shots, considering it's pretty dark in the trees, and not such a bright day. The main concern was Linus,(say it like Seinfeld says NEWMAN). This was his first 'ride' and he isn't quite sure where to front of Kerry, behind him, beside him or should he stand and watch/wait in the middle of the trail. He found out pretty quick the last one isn't the right one. I will show you, because I can, because that handy dandy burst function is the best thing since digital cameras were invented.

Look Mom! Here comes Dad! He's so fast!!! (keep an eye on Linus's ears)
Wow! I have a front row seat! Here he comes! Oh Crap! Here he comes!

Oh crap! Look out! (no dogs were injured in this photo shoot)

Thank goodness for brakes.

My dad built these rides. Those are his crutches.

Some tired pooches!
I'm itchy, there's mosquitos in the woods. Who knew?


RAE said...

Some great action shots! Sounds like a fun day...probably more fun than me in my scrap room painting (still).

Kimberly said...

OMHeck!!! What AWESOME action shots...and Lahooove Linus! too!!! :)))
Hey did you guys build these ramp things to ride on and practice? What fun!
Love it all!