Monday, April 14, 2008

What the ? part 2

Don't look, the camera steals your soul!
Okay, look but make it quick, squint so that the camera can't get in your head.
Squint like this! And stick out your tongue when you smile, it drives mom crazy.
Okay, you look that way, I'll stick out my tongue and smile, then she can't blame just one of us for ruining the picture.(I so need new camera subjects and check out the grass, what's up with that two toned turf?)

The dogs are lice-free, hopefully forever. Sally got the full meal deal and Linus just got a good bath and possibly a trim, hard to tell. They smell divine! Good enough to eat. Both are totally pooped out, going for an all day spa treatment tires a dog out.

I've taken my allergy pill today and it's a 24 hour deal, but it's been in the system for about 7 hours and I feel worse than I did before I took it. Serves me right for leaving a window open last night. I sneezed all the way to the groomers, about 15 minute drive, then my eyes water and my nose runs. It's so pretty.


RAE said...

Darrell and I had a good laugh about your comments LOL! Love the close-up of Sally.

Kimberly said...

Great shot...and I absolutely LOVE your commontating on the dogs thoughts and devious minds! hehehehe
Love ya,